Young RPA Professionals-to-go

The First batch of Bot mantra’s “Young RPA Professionals-To-Go” program successfully deployed to client projects.

After launching “Young RPA Professionals-To-Go” as one of its unique service offerings in month of May 2019, Bot mantra connected with various engineering colleges and participated in off-campus job fair events to identify talented young professions for this program. Over 10 bright professionals who were willing to make their career in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) were shortlisted and taken through rigorous training and mentoring workshops with real life case studies and evaluations for over four weeks. Five professionals those who successfully completed the program are now deployed to client projects.

What is “Young RPA Professionals-To-Go” Program?

It is one of the unique service offerings from BOT mantra to transform young Professionals into true RPA consultants, ready to be deployed on live projects. It is based on S-T-A-D model

  • Select logical minds having zeal to learn.
  • Train comprehensively on RPA concepts, Product and Implementation life-cycle.
  • Assess on their ability to design, to think & resolve real-life scenarios and to independently handle Implementation from Design to Deploy.
  • Deploy the right workforce either in contracting or hiring mode

2nd Jul 2019

Testimonials from our first batch


“Young RPA professional-To-Go program is the proven and a well-defined concept of reducing the gap between professional and industry requirements. I had a great experience learning and growing up my technical skills.

As coming from a non-programming background I was quite nervous at the start, but as the days passed it was pretty simple and friendly for me to adapt the skills within a month. Truly appreciate the way complete BOT mantra team carrying out such a great job and many thanks to make me competent in this extra-large IT Ocean. Thanks a lot for guiding me to grow my technical ability in RPA.”

Karan M Somnathe – BE, Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University

“First world signifies Robot and the later techniques. An organization who firmly believes and have the courage to eliminate the complexity of present complex scenarios. I am glad to be a part of such dynamic firm run by a dynamic and a visionary CEO. I would also extent my heartiest congratulations to the entire fraternity of BotMantra to have been such a successful firm in such short time.

If I were to share my experience about the training that I received the previous month, I would say remarkable. The trainers were very experienced and gave us enough time to have hands-on while learning the concepts which also resulted in deeper understanding of the subject. I would also like extend my heartiest thank you to all the members who had helped me to be an RPA developer.”

Aashish Dulal – BCA, Kristu Jayanti College


“I must say my appreciation towards the sincerity and dedicated efforts of the trainers who made the RPA training program under WinAutomation tool more victorious beyond my aspiration. The trainer was having excellent attitude and my questions were answered in detail .The method of teaching was very good and i have got highly beneficial course material. The reason for joining this course is to acquire adequate knowledge about RPA, and to explore better job prospects, Now, I am satisfied with my job.

K, Dinesh Kamal – MCA, Silicon Institute of Technology

“I really enjoyed doing my RPA training with Bot Mantra. My tour was very good and I looked up to Trainers. They gave me the support I needed, thank you Bot Mantra.

The training was helpful for the betterment of my technical skills and which actually helped to get me a job.”

Darshan BM – BE, AMC College of Engineering


“I am associated with bot mantra for over 2 months and have enjoyed and appreciated the company’s insights, priorities and culture. I joined as a trainee and from the start have been impressed how everyone here works with goal oriented approach.  They care about their customers and employees and work considerably and competently to succeed.

I have been under winAutomation training at Botmantra for a month. It was the best training i had so far. Workings on super complex problems that haven’t been explored before makes the whole experience more like discovery rather than learning. thank you BotMantra”

Abhijeet Prasad – BE, AMC Engineering College

The success of first batch being the stepping stone in the journey of “Young RPA Professionals-To-Go” program, our second batch consisting of 17 people has started from 29th June.


Young job aspirants and potential employers, Please drop a note to us at and we will get in touch with you.