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We have conducted detailed survey with various Corporates to understand their Learning requirements in the space of Robotic Process Automation Technologies. While few Enterprises were focusing on Product based learning with “tick in the box” approach in terms of Product certification for their resources, but many of them were focusing on enhancing the competency level of their workforce in terms of,

  • deep understanding on the concepts
  • faster resolution on complex automation scenarios
  • building automation center of excellence in true sense


We have carefully evaluated all the requirements and crafted our Technology workshops accordingly. Having said that we recognize the fact that “one size doesn’t fit all” and thus continuously supporting Corporates with tailored workshops fitting their needs.

Intelligent Process Automation Technologies – Art of Possibilities

One of our signature workshops, with an intent to provide the complete perspective around Intelligent Process Automation Technologies and support middle & Top level Enterprise leadership with detailed concepts and techniques to efficiently induct & industrialize their journey towards Automation.

  • A view on Business Process Automation Technology Levers – Artificial Intelligence, Digitization, Document Ingestion, Robotic Process Automation, Analytics, Reporting & Orchestration.
  • Business perspective and domain specific case studies.
  • A view on Automation Products landscape.
  • Key Solution patterns, Architecture & Design Principles.
  • Business Process Prioritization & Assessment – Approach & Techniques.
  • Technology Implementation, Support and Industrialization approach.

Business Process Assessment

Process Assessment is the founding stone for any RPA journey and thus it is important to have clear understanding on the approach and techniques involved to accomplish more reliable & predictable solution and associated returns on investment. This course is designed and delivered by leading industry Practitioners with an intent to build World-class RPA Functional Architects irrespective of any RPA product being used. The clear explanation of concepts using practical scenarios will help Candidates to have deep understanding on the subject.

  • Business Process Automation Technology overview.
  • Key Solution Patterns.
  • Process Assessment Approach – Capturing high level as-is Business process, Designing to-be Process & Identify Automation potential, Applying technical feasibility check & refine Potential, Estimating cost of Implementation, Refining Solution to accomplish optimal ROI.
  • Detailed case study to practice.

360-degree view on RPA for Developers

This Product agnostic course is designed for RPA Developer workforce with an intent to,

  • provide them with 360-degree view on all aspects of the Technology.
  • enable them to be effective on-the-job and acquire ability to work innovatively and independently.
  • expedite their career growth.
  • Robotic Process Automation Overview with key focus on Business Process Automation framework, RPA Products overview, failure modes and future market trends.
  • Architecture patterns, Design principles and best practices.
  • Commonly encountered coding challenges.
  • Business process Assessment framework.
  • Delivery and Support Framework.

Ui Path – Advanced Developer Training

This course is designed and delivered by leading industry Practitioners to equip the candidates with advanced RPA concepts utilizing Ui Path capabilities. The crisp and clear explanation of concepts using practical scenarios backed up with hands-on case studies will help Candidates to have deep understanding on the subject. We consider this course as “Essentials” for any Ui Path Developer before building Enterprise grade Ui Path solutions.

  • Automation with Ui Path – Web, Windows, DB, Excel, Mail, Word, XML/JSON & PDF.
  • Ui Path Design & Coding Principles with best Practices.
  • RE Framework.
  • Document Ingestion approach with Ui Path.
  • Cognitive Technology integration with Ui Path.
  • Technical Design.
  • Detailed Case study to practice.

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