Signature Validation Solution

“Validate if signature is matching with the master one.”

In today’s world, security, frauds and forgeries continues to be prime concerns across various sectors. Particularly, signature forgeries have been seen as one of the big challenges in banking and legal sectors. Typically, human workforce is deployed to verify signatures manually, however it is not always assured to be accurate as it is hard to detect forgeries with naked eyes. The recent advancements in technology and especially in Artificial Intelligence (AI) area provides huge potential to tackle such challenges more accurately and effectively.

Use Case

To validate if two signatures are matching.

Challenges with manual Process

  • Significant manual effort
  • Error prone manual validation process
  • Severe financial implications for erroneous matching


Leveraging Robotic Process Automation, Machine Learning and Computer Vision Technology, we have crafted an Algorithm to match two signatures. The component is tested for dummy data with 70% throughput and 100% accuracy.

Possible use cases

  • Integration with Banking and Financial process automation
  • Integration with Legal process automation
  • Document Template matching

Please watch the solution video…

High Accuracy

100% accuracy for the given through-put.


High Productivity

Reduced manual effort in both processing and corrective measures on account of errors.

Reduced Financial Risk

Reduced financial risk due to improved accuracy.

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