RPA Evangelization @ Jaipur, India

Robotic Process Automation Evangelization @ Jaipur, India

As part of our RPA evangelization Program, I got an opportunity to interact with 1000+ students from 11 colleges in Jaipur. The experience was quite enlightening. While on one hand, students were exploring all possible channels to integrate & collaborate with Industry but then on the other hand, few of them have already started their entrepreneur journey. The mindset is changing from students exploring traditional opportunities in terms of private or government jobs, post-graduation, etc. to innovation… coming up with some idea having potential to bring change and disrupt the way we operate today. This young generation is not only looking for technical implementation details but focusing on developing end-to-end solution for Business problems.

This brings an interesting question in front of us that how to bridge the gap between Colleges and the Industry, so that our next generation is exposed towards Industry trends, business problems and get a chance to work on live projects. Learning through Implementation is the key. It’s time for the Industry to come forward and invest in our future.

Swami Keshvanand Institute of Technology, Jaipur

Ranked #1 Institute by RTU

16th January 2019

International School of Informatics & Management, Jaipur

17th January 2019

Maharishi Arvind Institute of Technology, Jaipur

18th January 2019

JK Lakshmipat University, Jaipur

18th January 2019

Jaipur National University, Jaipur

19th January 2019

Vivekanand Global University, Jaipur

22nd January 2019

Manipal Institute of Technology, Jaipur

23rd January 2019

Malviya National Institute of Technology, Jaipur

23rd January 2019


23rd January 2019

JECRC, Jaipur

23rd January 2019