RPA Code Insight

Bringing Insights from various RPA product scripts to have Robust, Reliable and Standard BOT.

When it comes to quality check and delivery methodology, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Technology is no different than that of conventional IT implementation. While most of the critical RPA product players are busy selling over-simplification of the Technology leveraging visual programming approach, it makes sense to evaluate the outcome holistically on usage of common IT principles.

Due to lack of any automated code review approach, most of the enterprises are dependent either on manual reviews or sometimes even skipping this important aspect of the Implementation. This situation often poses enterprise level risks, longer stabilization time, impact on support cost, expected efficiency gains and finally impact on customer satisfaction.

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RPA Code Insight is one of the proprietary solutions from BOT mantra which enables auto-code reviews through its inbuilt robust review framework providing detailed insights with suggestions to accomplish highly robust, efficient, maintainable and secured BOT.

  • Both online and offline mode of Architecture
  • In-built 50+ rules
  • Detailed report – both offline and online
  • Applicable at each stage gate starting from “build” phase
  • RPA product agnostic – currently released only for UiPath & Automation Anywhere V11

5 Code Insight Categories


Ease of understanding the code by having elements like naming convention standards & compliance, zero usage of junk code, adequate componentization and simplified logic.


Ease of managing changes and BOT calibration by having inclusion of configurable parameters like performance parameters, URLs, Files & folder paths, email Ids, credentials, business rule threshold parameters, log messages, email formats, etc. and generic design.


Degree of accuracy with minimal exception rate by having elements like robust exception handling, usage of best possible interaction technique, memory leakage avoidance, and appropriately designed auto-recovery and auto-healing mechanisms.


Minimal average handling time by having elements like efficient delay management, parallel execution, usage of optimal interaction technique, efficient memory management and efficient business logic configuration.


Degree of freedom from known and unknown threats by having policies and approach towards authorization & authentication, credential management, business data storage and sharing.

RPA Code Insight Solution

RPA Code Insight solution can be deployed in the following modes,

  • Software-as-a-service
  • On-premise – Web Application
  • On-premise – Windows desktop Application

In all the above options, users are required to provide the complete project folder as input. Our proprietary engine will process the data, based on pre-configured 50+ rules and provide detailed insights on the complete code. Output can then be viewed or downloaded.

While the solution framework supports all major RPA products, our first release includes UiPath & Automation Anywhere V11

Output report can be categorized as follows,


Score represents the compliance level of the code against each rule on a scale of 0 to 10, where 10 being the best score. While it provides us the quantitative measure of the code, it also help us to define the severity of the observation on any rule.


For each rule having score lesser than 10, observation is provided with the following set of data,

  • Observation message
  • Observation severity
  • Suggestions
  • Corresponding non-compliant data

Raw data is primarily used to validate the technical design and also to conduct few qualitative checks on the code (if needed). This includes,

  • Workflow interaction diagram
  • List of all variables
  • List of all Arguments
  • List of all log messages
  • List of all Selectors / Object Properties
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