RPA Code Insight Launch

Launch of RPA Code Insight from BOT mantra

Bot mantra has launched its unique accelerator called “RPA Code Insight”. It is one of the proprietary solutions from BOT mantra which enable auto-code reviews through its inbuilt robust review framework providing detailed insights with suggestions to accomplish highly robust, efficient, maintainable and secured RPA BOT. Key Features include,

  • Cloud based Architecture
  • Easy to use with no additional installation requirement
  • Highly secured as no sensitive data secured locally
  • In-built 50+ rules based on best Industry practices
  • Detailed report covering 360 degree view of the entire code – both offline and online
  • Applicable at each stage gate starting from “build” phase of RPA implementation
  • RPA product agnostic – currently released only for Ui Path.

Please find more details around the product at, http://web.botmantra.com/rpa-code-insight/

Benefits of RPA Code Insight

RPA Project teams will be able to benefit immensely by leveraging RPA Code Insight accelerator on multiple fronts such as,

  • Accuracy – Improved review accuracy and drastic reduction in review efforts due to automation of rules.
  • Quality – Improved quality due to auto reviews, no manual intervention
  • Cost – Reduced costs due to automated code reviews and reduced manual efforts
  • Bot Stability – Reduced risks and improved Bot stability and performance in production
  • Ease of use – Solution based on cloud architecture, no installations needed
  • Customer Satisfaction – Improved customer satisfaction

28th June 2019

Launch Party at BOT mantra