Python RPA Library

“Enabling Enterprises to build their own PYTHON RPA BOTs with zero license fee.”

Process inefficiencies are ubiquitous across most of the enterprises irrespective of the nature and size of the work. Lack of knowledge and high product cost is creating a deterrent in the market for small & medium scale Industry to leverage benefits of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Technology. This gives an excellent growth opportunity for small and medium scale IT / BPO Companies which are not yet exposed to RPA technology. Even large enterprises have huge set of use cases which are not able to cross the ROI (return on investment) mark on account of high product cost.

We at BOT mantra carefully evaluated this need of the hour and formulated a two-pronged solution approach to enable Enterprises of all sizes to build their own capability on Python RPA BOTs.

  • RPA with Python – Technology Workshop
  • Python RPA Libraries

RPA with Python – Technology Workshop

This is intended towards building the workforce to gain deep understanding on implementing RPA with Python using native libraries.

Python RPA Libraries

Pre-built Python RPA libraries to simplify, standardize & expedite the RPA Implementation.

Files & Folders Automation

(~10 Libraries)

Email Automation

(~10 Libraries)

Word Automation

(~10 Libraries)

Excel Automation

(~20 Libraries)

Database Automation

(~5 Libraries)

PDF Automation

(~8 Libraries)

Image Automation

(~5 Libraries)

Data Reconciliation

(~5 Libraries)

Please explore few of our solutions at, Custom BOT Factory

Stay tuned for many more AI and business domain based libraries to be available soon…

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