IT Staffing

Bringing best industry talent equipped with our rigorous training to accomplish predictive Automation delivery outcome.

In last couple of Years, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Technology has emerged as one of the key levers for Business process transformation. The Industry is experiencing exponential growth in the market and thus poses three key challenges,

  • Low skill-competency
  • High demand-supply gap
  • High Resource cost

We at BOT mantra with our deep Industry experience on the subject has carefully crafted an Approach to support Enterprises with World-class TRUERPA workforce for the future.

  • Hire the right talent and equip them with 360 degree view on RPA Technology along with BOT mantra proprietary exercises to expose them with commonly encountered real-life challenges.
  • Deploy Resources in clusters having optimal mix of experienced and trained Resources.
  • Leverage BOT mantra Talent Pool availability to accomplish risk-free scalable Delivery model.

Young RPA Professionals-to-GO

One of the unique service offerings from BOT mantra to transform young Professionals into true RPA consultants, ready to be deployed on live projects.

  • Select logical minds having zeal to learn.
  • Train comprehensively on RPA concepts and the Product with hands-on experience.
  • Assess on their ability to design, to think & resolve real-life scenarios and to independently handle Implementation from Design to Deploy.
  • Deploy the right workforce either in contracting or hiring mode.

Optimized Team Clusters-to-GO

Another unique service offerings from BOT mantra to create an optimal mix of experienced & trained resources to strike a right balance between cost &delivery quality.We believe in Team work and thus each cluster goes through team building workshops to induce the right dynamics among them and give them an extra notch over others.

Recruitment Services

We support Businesses with Sourcing and Assessment of the right talent in RPA industry by,

  • Leveraging our deep Industry contacts to source most promising candidates.
  • Leveraging our proprietary Assessment framework to evaluate technical competency levels of each Candidate.

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