Implementation Services

Bringing optimal blend of Delivery, Functional and Technical capabilities, together with a proven proprietary Delivery framework.
  • Planning RPA projects in methodological manner with measurable outcome.
  • Extreme focus on Solution and Technical design.
  • Three-pronged quality check approach involving, auto-code Review, functional & failure mode testing and AHT & Exception tracking.
  • Maximum usage of reusable frameworks & components to expedite Delivery for the future.
  • Ensured Skill competency levels of the deployed resources.

Maximize Return on Investment

Accomplish 100% Accuracy Minimize Exception Rate Minimize Average Handling Time Maximize Resiliency

Maximize Reusability


Identify, prioritize and define business objectives for selected process Automation.


Implement – Design, build & test RPA BOTs for selected processes.

Stabilize – Calibrate, stabilize and verify defined Business objectives for RPA bots in Production environment.


Deploy, Maintain and continuously improve in RPA BOTs in Production environment.

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