Image Sourcing Solution

“Source relevant images from the web.”

Artificial Intelligence Industry has observed exponential growth in last couple of Years. Thus, the demand for relevant and structured data has also increased many folds. This gives rise to a completely different use case where back-office resources are utilized to source large amount of clean & relevant images.

Use Case

To secure 500 images each for 25000 global celebrities.

Four steps process,

  • Search for Images having the desired personality into it using Google and/or Bing engine.
  • Download each image.
  • Clean-up by deleting duplicate images.
  • Upload the final images to the desired folder.

Requires ~4000 person days of manual effort with 5-10% duplicate images.


Automated the complete process leveraging Robotic Process Automation libraries from Custom BOT Factory, providing detailed summary report.



Further possibilities

  • Resolution standardization
  • Source from other Search engines
  • Face recognition
  • Intelligent image cropping

Please watch the solution video…

Effort Savings

4000 person days of manual effort automated.


Zero manual errors.


2 weeks duration to implement.

Execution Time

Half a second to process each image.

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