Failure Modes – Robotic Process Automation Technologies

Key Failure Modes of Robotic Process Automation Technologies

4th October 2018

Looking at cost pressure, dynamic business requirements and huge IT legacy, “Robotic Process Automation” (RPA) has slowly emerged as one of the key levers to expedite Business transformation journey for many organizations. Every other Business function, BPO service Provider & the complete IT industry is busy sharing numerous success stories around RPA implementation. Also at the same time, RPA product organizations are busy oversimplifying the technology. Over-all, the RPA industry is continuously evolving on a daily basis and creating a positive mark on many large business organizations.

  • LACK of alignment with all concerned stakeholders.
  • LACK of thorough due diligence on process selection and business case creation.
  • LACK of adequate time investment in Design.
  • LACK of best practices utilization during Implementation
  • LACK of clearly defined test strategy
  • LACK of focus on change management, reporting & proactive monitoring

In summary, Robotic Process Automation technology has successfully emerged as one of the strong business transformation levers if strategized, implemented and deployed in structured scientific manner and not as a technology of “Work around”.