Emerging Trends – Robotic Process Automation Technologies

Emerging Trends – Robotic Process Automation Technologies

5th May 2019

In past few decades, Business Process Transformation has been one of the strategic focus areas for most of the Business Houses, primarily to enhance their productivity & efficiency. This also helps them laying foundation of growth & new opportunities at the same time. After successfully leveraging strategies like, outsourcing, low cost locations & Business process optimization, now the focus is on “Technology”.

Exponential growth in Technology advancement clubbed with focused approach from IT Industry, is resulting in suite of amazing solution patterns having capability to solve almost every other possible use case falling under Business Process Transformation. Industry has observed exponential growth and evolution of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technologies in last 5 Years. The growth will continue at-least for next 5 Years with primary focus on innovation and stabilization. Currently, I see the following 11 emerging trends as RPA plus in this space,

  • Multiple templates handling Capability – Leveraging Cognitive technologies to read multiple templates without hard-coding.
  • Image Reading Capability – Leveraging Cognitive technologies to read Images beyond typed text.
  • Unstructured natural language text reading Capability – Making sense out of natural language in Industrialized manner.
  • Capability to integrate advanced technologies with legacy Applications – Leveraging RPA to implement advanced Technologies without interrupting legacy.
  • Virtual workforce as-a TRUE Service – Human workforce leveraging digital workforce as and when needed, with the right alignment of RPA Infrastructure and Product licensing strategy.
  • Intelligent RPA execution – Robots to execute Business processes with little more intelligence beyond predefined business rules.
  • Evolution of true Digital Platform – Providing capability to seamlessly integrate multiple technologies on a common platform.
  • Extending RPA to other areas – Applying RPA beyond Business Process Automation.
  • Evolution of BOT Accelerators – “Expediting process automation journey”
  • Powering Analytics – “Building data for Analytics and also Enabling real-time Analytics”
  • Business domain specific Solutions – Moving away from one-size-fit-all Approach.

“Disruption” is the reality of today’s Business and is keeping them on their toes to continuously innovating the way they operate. Rapid evolution of Technology is adding catalyst to the “Disruption” factor. With an objective to bring best-of-the-world technology under single umbrella and to eye for a larger pie in the market, Multiple IT brands are joining hands by leveraging their proprietary technologies and expertise. In summary, Information Technology is currently riding on its next wave to not only support but to drive Business Process Transformation.