Consulting & Advisory

“Bringing detailed Concepts, Techniques and Industry Trends to Leaders as Trusted Advisors.”

We first carefully evaluated the list of support requirements and typical challenges encountered by Enterprises at different maturity levels during their Process Automation journey. And then accordingly drafted our first set of offerings to expedite their Journey.

Technology Evangelization

It is important for Business teams to have clear understanding of process automation concepts, potential technology solutions and approach towards it at all the levels of any Enterprise, either pursuing or about to pursue their Automation journey. We believe that the most innovative ideas come from the workforce who understands the Business best on the ground. And thus, we bring unbiased, Industry view point to create an echo-system for Business teams to think and generate ideas which is best suited for them.

  • For Business Leaders – 2 to 4 hours of workshop to sensitize the Leaders with Technology trends and providing them with a framework to think technically for their Business problems. Most importantly clarifying all their basic queries in unbiased and simplistic manner.
  • For Business Operation Teams – 1 day workshop to provide the Team with Technology overview and enable them to identify Automation opportunities within their space.

Automation Center of Excellence

Setting up scalable center of excellence with right level of governance & knowledge hub, based on Enterprise specific objectives is the next important aspect of any Process Automation journey. We believe that, one size doesn’t fit all and thus, we bring our detailed Automation COE framework with deep Industry experience to carve out the best suitable model for any Enterprise. Our approach involves series of design workshops with different stakeholders and work out the right strategy along with them.

Business Process Assessment

Business Process Assessment is another critical step to first identify the right candidates for Automation and then schedule them accordingly based on defined Process selection framework. Often, Enterprises struggle to strengthen their automation pipeline and, also articulating the quantifiable automation potential. We bring our Industry experience and Business process assessment framework to facilitate the design workshop with required stakeholders… And support Business teams with clearly defined Automation pipeline along with data driven business case.


Optimal level of mentorship during Automation Implementation is required to ensure the corresponding desired business outcome and most importantly to sustain the outcome in future. We analysed a series of Initiatives and identified the need for structured approach towards Solution and the Code reviews. Robustness, scalability and maintainability are three critical elements of any software robots. And thus, we bring our concepts and Product specific expertise to conduct third-party independent review on the following,

  • Solution Design
  • Technical Design
  • RPA Code
  • Test Approach

Technology Workshops

“Bringing real life learning experience from Industry Practitioners”


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